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We Are a DePINs Node Operator
We setup and maintain decentralized nodes which are part of DePINs for Web3 projects, providing computing power, data storage, bandwidth and data networks.

About the Project
Streamr provides the real-time data infrastructure of the decentralised Web3.
Streamr technology is a core service layer which implements a vendor-neutral, real-time publish/subscribe protocol for data transmission.
The data travels via a global peer-to-peer network, which is scalable, robust and permissionless.
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Earn Rewards!
Buy Streamr DATA and delegate to our fleet of 4 nodes with redundancy protection.
Only 5% operator fees (other operators 10% average).

Step by Step

1. Buy Streamr DATA on an exchange like Binance (DATA/BTC)
2. Install MetaMask wallet for Chrome
3. Transfer your DATA from the exchange to MetaMask
4. Visit our operator page and click on Delegate
Projects in which We Are Participating
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