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We Are a DePINs Node Operator
We setup and maintain decentralized nodes which are part of DePINs for Web3 projects, providing computing power, data storage, bandwidth and data networks.

About the Project
Akash Network is an open-source supercloud that allows users to securely and efficiently buy and sell computing resources. It enables users to own their cloud infrastructure, deploy applications, and rent unused cloud resources. Akash operates as a decentralized public utility, utilizing a "reverse auction" system that often offers prices up to 85% lower than other cloud systems. The network is owned and managed by its community and built on dependable technologies like Kubernetes and Cosmos.
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Deploy on Akash!
Our server is part of Akash Network.

Step by Step
1. Calculate your ideal price on Akash
2. Calculate how many Akash AKT you need for cover initial costs
3. Install Keplr wallet for Chrome
4. Buy AKT on an exchange like Kraken (AKT/USD, AKT/EUR)
5. Transfer your AKT from the exchange to Keplr wallet
6. Jumpstart your app development process with a Cloudmos pre-built solutions
7. Choose our server to deploy your project
Projects in which We Are Participating
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