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We Are a DePINs Node Operator
We setup and maintain decentralized nodes which are part of DePINs for Web3 projects, providing computing power, data storage, bandwidth and data networks.

About the Project
Existing internet protocols leak sensitive data that can be used without users knowledge.
Nym is developing the infrastructure to prevent this data leakage by protecting every packet’s metadata at the network and application layers.
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Earn Rewards!
Buy NYM and delegate to our Mixnode 1 or Mixnode 2.
Only 1% operator fees (other operators 5% average).

Step by Step
1. Download and install NYM wallet
2. Buy NYM on an exchange like Kraken (NYM/BTC, NYM/USD, NYM/EUR)
3. Transfer the tokens from the exchange to the wallet
4. Copy one of our mixnode's identity key (please choose the one with the lowest stake saturation)
Mixnode 1: FcShLofudYCjXRcfKrEMDCDVRZn5Ta2poYWWbm7zbx6d
Mixnode 2: JA2J5W2xvqvZsyeUBDstkgnMjcRKkh6bekkCGadGhCsR
5. Paste the identity key in the delegation section of your NYM wallet
Projects in which We Are Participating
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